BSD Banning

You are banned from Black Shoe Diaries.

You can browse the blog, but you can't participate.
We can't have this anymore. Once again, you simply copied and pasted an ENTIRE post from your own blog onto our site. (Who is the liar? Paterno or Freeh .... PSU Honors Grad Ray Blehar) Worse, it wasn't even your own stuff, but "for" someone else. Look, the Freeh Report isn't going to be unpublished. Penn State accepted the sanctions. At this point the content you post to BSD does nothing but rile up bad blood within our community. It serves no purpose being on BSD. You can do whatever you like on other sites, but we're not having it anymore on ours.

This is only the 2nd time in an 8 month history with BSD that I received one of these grey square pop ups on my screen when entering the BSD site. 

This email was sent to Jeff and Adam with whom I had exchanged email in the past when I received the only warning I ever received from any BSD moderator. That one I copied and this was it.  

I wrote this email to Jeff Junstrum and Adam Collyer upon receipt of that ONE and ONLY warning.

Jeff and Adam I just received this: 
You have been issued a warning.
I'm counting this as another warning (fanshot on 7/15 linking to two sites you're associated with that are dedicated to the Sandusky/Freeh topics), due to the fact that you've been told a number of times since Nov. '11 that we do not appreciate using BSD as a megaphone for your own personal websites featuring content that, specifically this weekend, we've asked not be posted outside the open threads provided by the staff to discuss the report and related matters. In order to continue participating on Black Shoe Diaries you must acknowledge your warning by pressing the OK button below.

Jeff & Adam -
Actually I was specifically asked to link to my own Second Mile Sandusky Scandal site the ONLY conversation online with any moderator and that is the only site I'm associated with. 
Marc Rubin's Tom In Pain has nothing to do with me. I don't even know the guy. But I was specifically asked by Chris 

Chris Grovitch Jan 20 
You and I agree on a lot of things in this life.  Phish is great. Rush Limbaugh is a douche.  But I can't let you post these manifestos on BSD anymore.  As I said in the most recent thread, I counted over 30 uses of the word "anal".  I often look at the site from work.  So do countless other users.  Your posts, while well intentioned, are too graphic to permit any longer.

I get that the details of the case are important to understanding and picking things apart.  However, I'm asking nicely that you post these things on your own site, and use the Fanshots to link to your site.  

Thanks for your cooperation with this. Chris
to Jeff and Adam continued
I gave both of you a heads up on what I had found in the Freeh Report and I have emailed both of you in open dialogue offering to be helpful and to heed your advice. That advice has never been not to put a link in a fanshot or a thread. I DON'T GIVE A HOOT ABOUT PROMOTING MY SITE. - my only mission is to point out where the Media is wrong and now where the Freeh report is wrong and to get that information to people who care about Penn State and Joe Paterno.
I will comply with whatever you wish but you have to tell me first instead of blaming me for violating something I've been told "numerous times". NO ONE AT BSD HAS EVER TOLD ME NOT TO POST LINKS - in fact the only emails I have from either of you - Jeff's brief reply to my query about "what did I do wrong" in a reply to M1EK's attack AND a couple of very pleasant emails from Adam. So why would someone that be accusing me of something that I have never seen? "numerous warnings not to post links"? 
Thanks Barry -
I'm confused I thought doing as a link in a fanshot - not even the primary link - would be the easiest was to give the BSD members who appreciate my information a heads up without disturbing the site with another long thread. 

From Jeff Junstrom   Jul 15 (10 days ago)


That latest warning was issued by Mike, who is a Managing Editor with the current staff.
As Chris is no longer on the masthead, and though his opinion is still greatly relevant,
what he asked you to do in the past is in the past. That being said, I agree with both Chris
and Mike. Your long winded tomes on these issues are becoming very overbearing and hard to 
deal with.  I understand you have opinions and viewpoints and want to argue those points. 
But please don't use BSD as this platform. Feel free to comment, and even post. Just don't go 
overboard. It's becoming tiresome, not just for those of us on staff, but also many of the readers 
who have expressed battle fatigue from sifting through your lengthy posts.
Like Chris said, I don't necessarily disagree with some of your viewpoints.It's just the lengthy, 
repetitive nature that many object to.

Barry Bozeman July 15 

To Jeff Junstrom 

I can understand that Jeff - that's why in the past couple of days instead of long winded posts 
I just linked to the detailed answers on the Second Mile Sandusky site for those who want the 
detailed answer. What I am most concerned about is the sentence concerning warnings about 
those links. I have never been warned not to do that.

Could you please get me a clarification on this?

I will be happy to comply with your request to shorten my replies and I would like to just link to 
the detailed explanation. I hope that would serve everyone who uses BSD well 
In fact I offer to take the repetitive discussions on this subject off your hands if that would be of
benefit I even set up a forum for that purpose
and offer it to the staff as a place to steer those who wish to get into this stuff away from BSD
where it is causing problems for those who are tired of it 

Email to Mike P  never answered 

Hi Mike,
I got your warning this evening and I wanted to reply to you directly. As usual this is a detailed 
reply because I first wrote to Jeff and Adam who I have corresponded with a few times. 

I am confused by your warning per links to my "websites" because to my knowledge I have 
never been warned about that. To the contrary I was asked to do that. 

Please review the following and my proposal at the bottom
I have no desire to cause you any problems and I appreciate your BSD more than you know
Please let me know exactly what you require of me in order to try to accommodate quite a few 
friends I've made on BSD who seem to appreciate my efforts to get at the truth on their behalf 
and a number who don't like what I do evidently. 
My only purpose is to get at the truth and get it to those who care about PSU.  
Sorry for the length of this but I think you will find it was required 

Thank you for all you do - I want to be a cooperative friend Mike 

Email from Jeff Junstrum 

I don't think the issue is with you linking your own site one or two times. I think it was with a 
constant linking back to your website. We're not in the business of promoting other websites;
 and while I don't follow your every comment so I can't definitively say, I think Mike had an 
issue with your using our platform to further your website's message.
A link here or there is OK. But if you're linking to your own stories every day, or having other 
users do the same, then we have to draw the line somewhere.


Thanks Jeff, 

I just want to be clear that this was the first time any moderator said anything to me about the links 
other than Chris requesting that I SHOULD link to my site. When Mike said I had been warned 
numerous times NOT to do that I became alarmed because I don't recall any warning like that ever. 

And I will be happy as always to comply with any request from any moderator. Just tell me what 
you think I should not do and I will change it. I'm already posting much shorter posts. 

I have never asked anyone to link to a post of mine. Billyboy's link to my post and Tony Lion's were 
their own doing, I don't think I've ever emailed with Tony Lion although I can't be certain because I do 
get email from lots of BSD folks 

Thanks for your reply - you can count on me to be cooperative and it will be easier if someone just 
mentions it to me by email.  I want to make your job easier not tougher. 


I actually LOL'd. Well played.
No, but seriously: This had been something the mods have been discussing amongst ourselves for a long time, and he’s repeatedly been asked to dial it back. This did not come without warning. I can’t speak for Jeff and Mike, but I’ll say that it revolved around the fact that each of his fanposts were simply verbatim copy and pastes from his blog, and that’s something we don’t accept. Imagine it was anyone else, using BSD to promote their own website; there’s a word for that, and it’s spamming. If you want to read Aurabass’ repeated attacks at the Freeh report, he has a website for that. But I think the decision was based on the fact that we weren’t comfortable with his inability to accept what we’d asked of him.
Follow me. Everything is alright. I'll be the one to tuck you in at night.

Devon is correct.
And I can say Jeff concurs.
Thanks for your concern, everyone. Now say goodnight.

I have placed in this post every one of the "repeatedly asked to dial it back" warnings I received - ONE warning and two email's from Jeff on the subject.  Yes I do copy my Posts on BSD to my website and visa versa. I started doing that in January early with a post on BSD telling everyone that is what I was going to do to preserve the Sandusky debate in a sited dedicated to that purpose. I even posted some work by other BSD authors with complete comment sections to begin with after asking their permission via email. That was the purpose of this website along with offering another place on the web where the truth could be seen. THIS IS NOT SPAMMING DEVON it isn't remotely relevant to spamming.
Articles from other websites are constantly linked on the internet as sites promoting a common idea - in this case the idea that PSU and Joe have been terribly wronged.
I have done every thing the moderators ever asked me to do. I even sent fanposts in advance to Jeff and Adam asking their opinion and approval. In at least one case I did not make a completed post because Jeff asked me not to.

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